Renewing Your Home’s Protection

It’s not surprising that many homeowners find it appealing.Sometimes, a simple and seemingly gentle hail can turn out to be a disaster.Put simply, when you don’t take care of your roof.

Different homes make use of different roofing systems. Nevertheless, one of the most popular roofing systems being used is the composition roof. This system uses asphalt shingles and may come in 3 types, depending on the manufacturer you purchase the material from. The composition roof types are 3-tab, laminated, and premium. These composition roof types are usually distinguished by their durability and added features like finishes.

Composition roofs are not only affordable, but they can also be very durable. These are simple to set up and require minimal maintenance. It’s not surprising that many homeowners find it appealing.


Tamko Shingle For Hail Damage

Composition roofs can be tough; however, hail is one of the few things that can and will leave a mark in this type of roofing system. Regardless of how resilient asphalt may be, we cannot ignore the severe and destructive impact of hail. That’s why it’s essential to inspect your roof, as well as other parts of your home, following a hailstorm.

We will represent the policy holder to the insurance company to ensure you get all money deserved to cover collateral damage, including

  • Gutters
  • Window screens
  • A/C condensers
  • Fencing
  • Garage doors
  • Siding and Paint

Evaluating Hail Damage 

Finding hail damage on your roof can be very tricky. Certain damages on asphalt appears as bruises, making them quite visible, but in most cases, hail damage appears very small. It can be so small that a homeowner may not able to spot the damage, resulting in it being ignored.

This is something that you must avoid. You see, even if the damage looks extremely small, a number of them can certainly bring misfortune to your home, and therefore your family.  That’s why it’s crucial to examine your roof after a hailstorm. If you are unsure of the damages, call an expert, like one at Summit Roof, to provide a deeper analysis.

Depending on your roof’s condition after suffering hail damage, Summit Roof may suggest to perform any of the following:


This is something that can quickly be performed. However, this temporary solution is a waste of money and is more invasive than the damage itself.

Full replacement

If your roof suffered from heavy hail storm damage, it might be necessary to undertake full replacement. Any usable parts will be kept while the damaged parts will be taken out and replaced by new shingles. For better performance, and depending on your decision, specific finishes may be applied.

Hail can be a threat to both your property and your family. Protect your home and yourself by thoroughly inspecting your roof and by getting necessary roofing repairs and services.

In the wake of a hailstorm, it’s imperative to assess and address any damage promptly, not just to your roof but to various other aspects of your home. Hail can be deceptively destructive, causing damages that might go unnoticed but lead to significant problems down the line. Taking proactive steps to evaluate and repair hail damage is essential in safeguarding your home and maintaining its value.

Don’t underestimate the potential harm hail can cause to your composition roof and the many components of your home. Protect your investment by addressing hail damage promptly.

Remember:  We represent the policy holder to the insurance company to ensure you get all money deserved to cover your roof and collateral damage.

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