Bringing Back History’s Treasures

With the constant development and innovation of technology, there is little doubt as to why residential and commercial buildings are adapting modern designs and plans more frequently. While most people focus only on their own homes, some take pride in very precious, yet often overlooked establishments. Specifically, the structures that contribute to or represent part of our cultural history.

In North Texas, a lot of historical structures have started to give in to time, showing signs of deterioration, especially in the roof. For these fragile historical structures, simple roofing repairs are not enough. Summit Roof, in cooperation with the Dallas County Heritage Society, has undertaken numerous projects involving historic restoration. Some of the structures Summit Roof has handled include:

  • Detached Kitchen
  • Sullivan House
  • Fisher House
  • Doctor’s Office
Historic Restoration
Historic Restoration

The Historic Restoration Process

Historic restoration can take a lot of time since one simple mistake can lead to heavy damage. With most historical buildings being more than a hundred years old, you can imagine how fragile they might be. For this reason, Summit Roof follows a simple, yet thorough process for restoring historic structures:

Historic Restoration

Identifying the materials

First, we determine what types of materials to use on the roof.

Metals are usually out of the question, while wood and tiles are often the primary options.

What specific type of wood or tiles to use, however, is the question.

Historic Roof Restoration


Before anything is taken out, repaired, or replaced, it is essential to understand what roofing system or plan to use.

Details like trimming, protrusion, and the like, are also considered. This is done by thoroughly inspecting the roof’s design, material, layout, etc.

Roof Restoration

Preparing materials & supplies

When the inspection is done, Summit Roof prepares the materials and supplies. If a certain type of material is not available (i.e., the material is not sold anymore), then the closest possible option is used. Of course, the decision regarding the alternative material will be discussed with the client before proceeding. The amount and dimensions of the materials will be based on prior analysis.

Working on restoration

Once the materials are prepared, it is then the time to restore the parts or the entire structure of the roof. The scope of the restoration is based on what is required by the roof’s current condition, what is set by the client (Dallas County Heritage Society in our sample restorations), and our company’s own evaluation.

Historic Roof Restoration

As previously mentioned, the actual restoration process can take some time since it will involve taking out old parts of the roof and carefully replacing them with new ones. Nonetheless, once the fourth and final step is completed, the historical structure will be looking brand new.

Historic restoration requires a lot of work and a high level of expertise. Summit Roof is a proven roof services provider that has proven capable of handling special projects such as these. Big or small, historic structures will look good as new after our careful and precise restoration process is executed.

Summit Roof’s commitment to preserving the historical structures in North Texas is a commendable effort. Through their meticulous and expertly executed historic restoration process, they breathe new life into these aging landmarks, ensuring they continue to stand as testaments to our rich cultural history. If you have a historic structure in need of restoration, Summit Roof is the go-to choice.

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