Roof Maintenance Fairview, TXRoof Maintenance Fairview, TX

If you wish to maximize the lifetime of your roof, you have to protect it. It’s the least you can do, seeing as how it protects you and your loved ones. Here are some helpful tips on roof maintenance:

Annual Inspection

Professional feedback is both helpful and reassuring. For something as important as your roof, it’s a good idea to have it inspected at least once a year. This suggestion particularly applies to roofs that have been in place for many years. A newer roof that’s less than 10 years old should still be in good shape.

Even so, you want to be cautious of damage after a few intense hail storms. There’s no doubt that Texas weather can wear down roofing. From extreme heat, to heavy storms, to unpredictable winters, your roof endures a lot in the Texas area.

A roof inspector will examine the roof; he/she will take a close look at each shingle, the ventilation, drainage system, and flashing. It’s not only the health of the roof that is prioritized but also the energy efficiency.

Roof inspections are known to be quite affordable. Of course, the pricing will depend on the roofing company you choose.

Ultimately, it’s much better to pay for a yearly inspection to keep your roof safe rather than pay for a big repair in the long-run.

The worst case scenario is that your roof becomes damaged to the point that it needs replacement. These are very costly. Replacements are necessary at some point, but you don’t want one within the first 15 years of buying your roof. That’s why roof maintenance is so important.

Keep the gutters clean

Backed up gutters can doom a roof. Water will have no place to escape and your shingles will become saturated with moisture. Unwanted things like mold growth, worn shingles and leaks could result. Heavy rains could even cause the roof to collapse if water continuously builds up.

There’s a simple solution to this. Keep your gutters clean! Make sure rain is flowing properly through the drain pipes. Make sure there are no holes in the gutters or the spouts, and make sure leaves aren’t gathering and starting to crowd up your gutters.

Keeping your gutters clear and functioning is an easy thing to do. All you need is a ladder to look into your gutters!

Trim your treesRoof Maintenance Fairview, TX

Trees can negatively affect a roof in a few ways. Firstly, they can prevent a roof from properly drying up. Sunlight won’t be able to reach your roof and suddenly your roof will have mold problems.

Most roofing materials can withstand moisture pretty well. That being said, asphalt and wood are among the most spongy surfaces. Wood requires special treatments in order to maintain its quality. It’s important that both materials avoid long periods of shade.

Second of all, long branches can scratch roof shingles. Constant winds gusts will create impacts from tree branches if they’re not properly trimmed. The more a shingle is hit, the more likely the surface is to wear down.

Thirdly, an overgrown tree could lose shape. Moreover, if branches/limbs are too long, they may break off and land on the roof. The results could range from minor or major damage. And the last thing you want is for a whole tree to collapse onto your roof. This can lead to serious damage and even be a danger to your family inside.

So, be aware of any trees that are near your home. Keep them trimmed and unable to damage your roof. A professional tree trimming service will help strengthen your trees and also contribute to your overall roof maintenance.

Repair missing or broken shingles

Shingles are the main part of the roof. Sure, there are layers beneath, however, it’s the shingles that provide the most protection and it’s the shingles that are made to endure heat, cold, heavy winds, hail, thunderstorms, etc. Therefore, they need to be in their best shape at all times.

If a roofing services company notices any damaged shingles while inspecting, they will repair them. That’s one of the reasons that a yearly inspection is suggested. You can also climb onto your roof occasionally to examine the shingles yourself. Damages aren’t easy to notice; however, there are ways to find broken or dented ones.

If you decide to check for yourself, make sure to take the proper safety precautions. Use a ladder to get on your roof and wear shoes with proper grip. If your roof is steep, you probably shouldn’t do it yourself and go ahead and make the call to a Fairview roofing company.

In the end, your roof shingles are too important to be left damaged. You shouldn’t have to worry much within the first 15 years of getting a new roof. Some materials, such as metal and slate, are expected to last over 50 years!

Just don’t forget about maintaining your roof. All it takes is a few missing shingles from an asphalt roof and a toppling effect could take place.

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