Installing a New Roof: DFW Options

Are you planning the construction of a new home? Has your old roof met its expiration date? If yes (to either one), you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all of your roofing options. Remember, the roof and foundation are the most essential parts of a house. They offer protection. Without them, you don’t have a home. Therefore, understanding the various roofing materials and systems in play will be key in making sure that you can avoid future trouble and will significantly diminish your future repair and replacement expenses.

Top Material Choices for Roofs in the Dallas Metro Area

Although you have tons of options for your new roof, DFW weather will only be nice to some of them. Moreover, you have to consider the weather and your location when deciding which roofing system will suit your needs. These are the top 4 roofing systems available:


This type of roof is used most often for commercial roofs. Dallas has a lot of them, as you will notice. Flat roofs have become a popular residential roofing system. They take some time to install, though, they are more affordable than other roofs and easy to repair.


This roof material is like the name suggests: it’s made of a composition of several different materials. The different types of substances are combined to add to the strength of the roof shingles. A variety of mediums allow the shingles to be resistant to a range of problems common with roof shingles.

hail resistant shingles

Imptact resistant shingles are great for homes in the Dallas Metro area. Although there are no hail-proof shingles, this type of roofing material is designed to resist marginal hail events while reducing your annual homeowners premium by up to 28%.

There are more materials you can use for your new roof. DFW weather, however, will not be good friends with just any material. The 4 discussed here are the most cost-effective and are great to withstand the harshest weather one can experience in the Dallas Metro Area. Learn more about these roof types and get one for your home today.

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