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If you truly want to maximize the lifetime of your roof, you have to protect it. Seeing how it protects you and your loved ones, it’s the least you can do. If you don’t know how to protect your roof, well, you’re in luck! Here are several tips for roof maintenance Allen TX:

Yearly Inspection

roof maintenance Allen TXProfessional feedback is both helpful and reassuring. Something as important as your roof, it’s wise to have it inspected at least once per year. This suggestion pertains more so to seasoned roofs, however. A new roof or one that is less than 10 years old should still be in good shape.

Still, you want to be weary of damage after a few crazy hail storms. There is no doubt Texas weather can be a bare on roofs. From extreme heat, to heavy storms, to strange winters, your roof lives an emotional life in the Texas area.

A roof inspector will examine the structure. He/she will take a close look at each shingle, the ventilation, drainage system, and flashing. It’s not only the health of the roof that will be prioritized but also the energy efficiency.  

Roof inspections do cost money, though they’re known to be quite affordable. Of course, the pricing will range depending on the roofing company you choose.

One thing is for sure, it’s much better to pay for a yearly inspection to keep your roof safe rather than pay for a big repair down the line.

Worst case scenario, your roof becomes damaged to the point of needed roof replacement. That will be costly. Replacements are necessary at some point, but you don’t want one within the first 15 years of your current roof. That’s why roof maintenance Allen TX is so vital.

Keep the gutters clean

Backed up gutters can spell doom for a roof. Water will have no place to escape and your shingles will become saturated. Unwanted things like mold growth, worn shingles and leaks could result. Excessive rains could even cause the roof to collapse if water constantly builds up.

There’s a simple solution. Just keep your gutters clean! Make sure precipitation is flowing freely through the drain pipes. Make sure there are no holes in the gutters or the spouts, and make sure leaves aren’t collecting.

Keeping your gutters clear and functional is an easy roof maintenance Allen TX tip to execute. All you need is a ladder to peek into your gutters!

Trim your trees

Trees can negatively affect a roof in a few ways. Firstly, they can keep a roof from drying up. Sunlight won’t be able to work its magic and suddenly your roof is dealing with that mold problem we mentioned a second ago.

Most roofing surfaces can take on moisture pretty well. With that said, asphalt and wood are the spongiest of the surfaces. Wood actually requires special treatments in order to maintain its quality. It’s important both materials avoid extensive periods of shade.

Secondly, long branches can scratch the roof shingles. Consistent winds or wind gusts will force impacts from tree branches if they are not adequately trimmed.  The more impacts a shingle takes on, the more likely the surface is to wear to the bone.

Thirdly, an overgrown tree could lose shape. Moreover, if branches/limbs are too long, they may break off and land on the roof. The results could be minor damage or major damage. And the last thing you want is an entire tree to collapse onto the roof. This could lead to serious damage.

So, be aware of any trees that are in shouting distance from your home. Keep them trimmed and free from potential harm. A professional tree trimming service will strengthen your trees and contribute to roof maintenance Allen TX – two birds with one stone.  

Repair missing or broken shingles

Shingles basically are the roof. Yes there are layers beneath, however, it’s the shingles that provide the optimum protection and it’s the shingles that are constructed to endure heat, cold, heavy winds, hail, thunderstorms, etc. Therefore, they need to stay in tact.

If a roofing services company notices any damaged shingles while inspecting, the roofers will repair them. That’s one reason a yearly inspection is recommended. You can climb atop your roof on occasion to examine the shingles yourself. Damages are not easy to notice; however, there are various ways to detect broken or dented ones.

If you decide to see for yourself, be sure to take the proper safety precautions. Use a ladder to get to your roof and wear shoes with strong grip. If your roof has a high pitch (steep), you may want to forgo the effort and make the call to a residential roof company.

Ultimately, your roof shingles are too important to let wither. You should not have to worry much within the first 15 years or so of a new roof. Some materials, like metal and slate, are expected to last over 50 years!

Just don’t forget about your roof. All it takes is a few missing granules from an asphalt shingle and a toppling effect could take place.

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