Locating hail damage to your roof

People tend to get caught up in the thunder and lightning aspect of a storm, but it’s hail that should be most worrisome. Why? Because hail has a greater likelihood of causing damage compared to thunder and lightning. While hail damage to vehicles is most noticeable, damage to a roof can be costlier. And don’t make a mistake in assuming your roof is hail proof. Few roofs are, and the common asphalt shingle roof certainly is not.


Here are steps to take when inspecting your Allen, TX roof for hail damage:

Check metal parts first

Hail DamageDamage to metal is going to be more evident than damage to shingles. Hence, the previous point in how damage to vehicle metal is relatively easy to notice. Check metal flashing, roof vents and/or metal valleys before you check the rest of the roof. Damage to these parts will be indicative of damage to other parts of the roof.

If you don’t see any damage to metal then you are likely in the clear. However, you should still proceed to check the rest of the roof. Hailstones fall in random fashion; therefore, one area can suffer more damage than others. The heaviest, most direct impacts could have avoided the metal and instead hit the shingles.


Skim over your gutters

Dents to your gutters can also be revealing. You might even be able to see gutter damage from the ground. Any significant damage to a gutter should be tended to, as it could affect the fluidity of your drainage system. Of course, poor drainage can lead to foundation issues…you don’t want foundation issues.

Furthermore, gutters often store granules from shingles as a result of hail damage. Hail impacts can deform shingles, causing tiny granules to detach from the shingle. The granules may very well roll down and get stuck in the gutters. Granules in the gutter is a tell-tale sign that at least one of your shingles has been damaged.


Examine the very top of your Allen, TX roof

The flatter the surface the more prominent the damage will be. Thus, your roof’s ridge cap is going to be the most vulnerable. Be safe if you plan on traveling to the peak of your roof. Ladder assistance is often necessary, as is wearing shoes with confident tread. Your safety is the top priority! Give the ridge cap a detailed look and rub your hand across the surface. You should be able to feel any inconsistencies, such as dents or bruising.


Contact a professional

If you are suspicious of any roof damage, be sure to contact a professional roofing company. The experts will know what to look for and how to fix any applicable damage. Plus, almost all roofing companies work directly with insurance companies to help settle roof damage claims. In the midst of filing a hail claim with your insurance company, be sure they approve the roofing company you intend to hire. This will limit problems down the road.

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