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Why Radiant Barrier saves money?

Energy Conservation is the future

We at Summit Roof understand certain doubts that surround the roofing industry. Today, a lot of roofing contractors “promise” top-notch service, at great rates, but follow up such a promise with defective service and inflated pricing. As a result, customers are inconvenienced and unhappy.

Summit Roof Service Inc. makes the same promise, but we follow through on it. How can you trust us? We’re a family-owned and operated business that has carried out excellent roofing services since 1993. We have a committed and proven staff. Plus, we have a track record of success as expressed by our excellent online reviews.

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Radiant barriers are materials that are installed in buildings to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss; hence, reduced heating and cooling energy usage throughout a building. The potential benefit of attic radiant barriers is primarily to reduce air-conditioning cooling loads in warm or hot climates.

At Summit Roof Service Inc., we install radiant barriers to reduce radiant heat by 95%. In an unprotected attic, temperatures can soar 20 to 30 degrees above outside air temperatures, costing you substantial money in energy costs.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Chattanooga, Tennessee has performed a series of tests that have shown that attics with R-19 insulation, radiant barriers can reduce summer ceiling heat gains anywhere between 16 to 42%. This compared to an attic with the same insulation level, but with no radiant barrier. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT A 16 TO 42 PERCENT SAVINGS IN UTILITY BILLS CAN BE EXPECTED, BUT IT DOES MEAN THAT YOU WILL SAVE MONEY AND THAT THIS PRODUCT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF.

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