Emergency Roof Repair Plano, TX

A major roof problem should be acted upon immediately. The longer a repair is delayed, the more severe the damage will get. Making a call to roofing contractor is one thing, but you need to make sure that the contractor and his team arrive and get their work done in a timely manner. You can rely on Summit Roof for emergency roof repair Plano TX.

What’s considered an emergency?

You’ll probably know when it happens, but things like a tree falling on your roof or a major leak from your roof are what are considered roofing emergencies. Essentially, any situation where the inside of your home is at risk. Also, situations in which the damage continues to get worse by the minute.

If a roofing emergency arises in your home, call Summit Roof. We’ll have someone ready to take your call. Just explain your situation to us so that we know what we’re working with. From there, our team will get to your home fully equipped in a timely manner.

How complicated is the fix?

There’s a good chance the damages will require more than just a quick fix. Something as major as flood damage might call for more than just roofing help, and that could hinder overall progress.

For example, if your roof experiences a leak during a major hail storm, we might not be able to repair the roof back to 100% in one session. What we’d probably do is perform a temporary solution so that the damage doesn’t get worse. Then, after the storm passes and everything clears up (hopefully, by the next day), we’ll be back to properly handle the damage and ensure a long-lasting solution.

Help with your insurance claim

If the damage was caused by an outside occurrence (such as damage from a major storm), your homeowner’s insurance will probably cover it. As part of the insurance claims process, your insurance company will need an estimate of the damages. We can help with that!

Summit Roof can speak directly with your insurance company, discussing the details of the damage and the cost as determined by the estimate. We will, of course, send them a copy for their reference.

At the end of the day, we’ll ease your headache by dealing directly with your insurance company. You be kept in the loop by both sides, but it’s usually a good idea to let the professionals handle dealing with the damages. You’ll probably have enough on your mind as is given the damage done to your home.

Keep in mind, roofing services are our expertise. We’ll have every solution when it comes to fixing your roof; although, we won’t be able to fix damage done to the interior of your home. If a roof leak leads to your home being flooded, you’ll probably need the help of a home remodeling company to handle any damages to your flooring and/or furniture.

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Often times, the severity of the damage is dependent on the roof’s current weakness. Things like wind and hailstones will do some of the worst damage.

This just goes to show the importance of having your roofing well-maintained at all times. In other words, make sure it’d be able to handle a string of heavy storms and the constant hail impacts that come along with them.

You can do so by having your roof inspected on a yearly basis! This is highly recommended, especially if your roof has been in place for over 10-15 years. Some materials like metal or slate roofing can last up to 30, and even 50 years before beginning to wear down. More common materials like asphalt and wood shingles, however, can start to wear down after 10-15 years.

If your roof meets the inspection criterion, give us a call! We’ll complete a thorough inspection, going over every inch of your roof, along with the flashing, siding and drainage system. If repairs are needed, we’ll give you an estimate and handle them with your approval. Once our work is done, you can be at ease knowing that your roof is ready to take on whatever nature throws its way.

A yearly inspection is one way you can avoid emergency roof repair Plano, TX.

Summit Roof Service Inc.

Summit Roof is here to help prevent and repair damage. We also specialize in roof replacement, radiant barrier installation and historic restoration. All matters of  repairing and replacing roofs, we have covered!

Keep us in mind for emergency roof repair Plano, TX. We promise a timely response and outstanding service.

To learn more, please visit summitroof.com. Also, check out our blog if you’re looking for more roofing tips having to do with roof care, repair, replacement, etc.

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