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The Best And No.1 Emergency Roof Repair - Summit Roof Service IncA roof leak can be a considerable menace to deal with. It does not only damage your roofing system and your Grapevine, TX home, but it can also expose you to various weather elements. In residential buildings, roof damage can cost you an extensive amount of money to get repaired, whereas, in commercial buildings, a leak could lead to product damage.

It is critical for a homeowner to continually inspect their roofing system and determine if it needs repairs or not. Doing this can help you avoid any further damage and costs associated with it. But first, you need to understand when to hire a roofing expert to assess the situation.

Since our company was established, Summit Roof has been at the forefront of providing a wide range of roofing solutions, including roof replacement, roof repair, and emergency roof repair services to all homeowners living in Grapevine, TX.

Besides having the license to operate, all our roofing experts are insured if any mishaps happen during the project. Our services are guaranteed to last many years and also come with a warranty.

Summit Roof is an established company that has a good reputation in the community. Our team has extensive training and experience dealing with all types of roofing materials and can help you fix your damage without any hassle.

For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority; this is why we make it a point to tell you precisely what your damage is and give you a quote based on the current condition of your roofing system. We have been in the roofing business for more than three decades and will provide you with a free inspection.

After any significant weather event in your area, for example, a storm, it would be best if you called one of our roofing experts to assess the situation. There may be debris, fallen branches, or trees that may have caused damage to your roof.

This is why it is critical to find out if you have any structural damage done to your home’s roofing system, which could lead to further problems. There could be ponding or holes on your roof, which can lead to leaks and damage to your roofing system.

If you have noticed a leak in your roofing system, you should make sure that you take immediate action towards resolving your issue. Instead of waiting, you as a homeowner should automatically get on the phone to hire a professional roofing expert from Summit Roof to get your emergency roof repair.

Why is it essential to call for an emergency roof repair service?

1. Even the smallest amount of water can cause mold.

It does not take a lot of water before your home starts to develop mold. Water plays a critical role in promoting the growth of mold. If you do not get your mold problem sorted out quickly enough, with time, mold can end up destroying your home along with all your belongings that are inside it.

This is the reason why you should call for an emergency roof repair service from Summit Roof as soon as you discover a leak in your roofing system. When our roofing professionals take care of your damage, they can also help identify if mold has already developed.

2. Small holes will eventually grow bigger.

As the owner, you need to make sure if your roofing system has any small holes that need your attention before the circumference of the damage gets any bigger. The bigger your spot is, the more it will cost you to get it repaired. Moreover, if your problem is pervasive, it is more likely that additional materials will have to be removed and replaced, which includes planks from your attic floor or even moldy insulation.

Such damage can be expensive to fix, which is why you need to call for an emergency roof repair service immediately so that you can avoid any extra expenditure if at all possible.

3. No one wants to decrease the value of their property.

If your home’s roofing system has a problem and it ends up causing extensive damage, it may end up lowering the overall value of your property. This can be a massive problem for you, as a homeowner, if you wish to put your house for sale or plan on taking a home improvement loan. This is because if you do not have much equity left in your property, you will likely have to go through a lot to get the money you deserve.

The roof of your home plays several critical functions, including protecting your most valuable investment (your home) and making sure that your house stays energy efficient. This is why it is essential to keep your roof in its best shape possible.

The simplest way to accomplish this is by choosing a local emergency roof repair service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, TX. Our team of professionals at Summit Roof is always available for your service. You may be wondering why you should hire a local roof repairing company. Given below are a few reasons why:

We will follow the local code.

When you get your roof repaired or replaced, your contractor must adhere to all local building codes. If you don’t, then the chances are that you may run into an issue with your local municipality. Experienced local roofing companies such as Summit Roof know what your local codes are. We also know what permits are required for your specific city.

Quick action

Does your house need an emergency roof repair service? Was there an unusual weather event in your area, and now you have wind or hail damage or even worse, a tree has fallen onto your home’s roof?

Whenever disaster strikes, you, as the homeowner, are faced with a huge roof repair. This is why you need to hire someone nearby who can act quickly since quick response can be all the difference between mild and severe roof damage. Having a local roofing company like Summit Roof will give you peace of mind regardless of the weather.

Best in class resources

Almost all local roofing contractors are deeply embedded into the community and have a strong network of resources that they can use to pool from. This usually includes all the businesses they use for roofing materials and other home contractors such as electricians, plumbers, etc. Tapping into such a strong local network can be a huge cost advantage for a homeowner.

Supporting your community

Whenever you hire a local roofing expert, you are hiring more than just a faceless contractor. You are hiring a resident from your community. Consistently supporting local businesses can help build your community. It helps in growing your community since you are putting money into your own local economy.


Summit Roof is an established roofing company and has decades of experience. We also have a great understanding of how homes should look, along with all the popular roofing choices in your neighborhood.

There could be several reasons why you may require an emergency roof repair in Grapevine, Texas. So, what are the initial telltale signs that you need to get your roof repaired? Given below are a few signs that your roof has some damage:

Water damage

If your roof has already started to leak, then water damage is inevitable. You should be able to notice some discoloration on your roof, beams, ceiling, and walls. It may also result in peeling paint off your surface and even running or dripping water. Along with stains, rust can also develop as a result of a leak.

Even if your damage is not significant and could go unnoticed for some time, if you wish to avoid any further damage, we suggest dealing with your leak immediately. Another problem that is associated with water damage is mildew and mold.

Mold and mildew grow when water gets trapped in a confined space where there is a lot of humidity. It tends to destroy the structure and can even cause severe respiratory problems. Your roof’s gutters need to be directed away from your home and regularly maintained to drain water properly.

Ice dams

You need to find out if your roof has ice dams. This is when the ice that has been collected on top of your roof melts due to inadequate insulation.

Our professional roofing contractors from Summit Roof can identify if your roofing system has developed damage due to ice dams. We can remove the ice dam and check if your roof has any damage. Our professionals will also make sure that they prevent any future dams from forming on your roof.

Structural change in your shingles

You can check the current condition of your roof shingles. Their surface should be even. If you notice your shingles have started to curl upwards or to their side, then they need to be treated immediately.

Shingles work by layering, which means if there is any change in shape, they will not work like they are supposed to. Any change can create room for elements like water to enter and soak your roof. Your shingles could also shift, which means the layer underneath it shifts as well. This is why you need to get them fixed immediately.

Electrical wiring

You need to pay extra attention if your roof is leaking since it can also trigger a few electrical problems. This could be your home’s circuit box or the wiring.

Water can easily destroy or tarnish your wires with time and could lead to breaking your wires. When your home’s breaker box gets affected due to some water damage, it could further lead to extensive damage and danger.

Animal nests

If you hear any noises coming from your roof or behind your walls, then it’s probably a sign that animals are getting inside your home. If you notice any bats, rats, birds, squirrels, or any other animal getting in and out of your house, you need to get it repaired immediately.

Holes on your roof can allow animals to find shelter inside your home, which can be a menace to deal with.

Drywall damage

Constant leaking can cause damage to your home’s drywall ceiling and partitions. Drywall is made up of plaster, and when it absorbs water, it can damage your drywall by losing cohesion and further deteriorating it. Of all that has been made up of drywall can crumble or even collapse due to water damage. Even if your ceiling does not collapse entirely, it will surely get damaged.

The Best And No.1 Emergency Roof Repair - Summit Roof Service Inc

Damaged roof protrusions

You need to ensure that your roof’s edges, chimneys, skylights, gutters, and all other protrusions are not damaged or worn out. A professional roofing expert from Summit Roof can inspect your roof to understand better if they need repairs. If we find that your roof has extensive wear and tear, you may have to get new roofing installed. After a storm, if you find pieces of your chimney or your roof in your compound, it is an indication that you need to get help from an expert.

Get in touch with Summit Roof for allyour emergency roof repair

If you are looking for an emergency roof repair service, then get in touch with Summit Roof today! Locatedin Allen, TX, Texas, we also serve the surrounding areas including Plano, Fairview, Frisco, TX and Grapevine.

Our team of professional roofing experts can get to you in no time and can fix all types of roofing damage without any hassle. After hiring a professional from Summit Roof, you don’t have to stress about your family’s safety. We will make sure that no inconvenience is caused to you as a result of insufficient roofing repairs. Give us a call at 972-715-1655 or contact us online, and our team will be on its way.


This is something that can quickly be performed. However, this temporary solution is a waste of money and is more invasive than the damage itself.

Full replacement

If your roof suffered from heavy hail storm damage, it might be necessary to undertake full replacement. Any usable parts will be kept while the damaged parts will be taken out and replaced by new shingles. For better performance, and depending on your decision, specific finishes may be applied.

Hail can be a threat to both your property and your family. Protect your home and yourself by thoroughly inspecting your roof and by getting necessary roofing repairs and services.

Remember:  We respresent the policy holder to the insurance company to ensure you get all money deserved to cover your roof and collateral damage.

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