Frisco roof shingle repair

Frisco Roof Shingle Repair

Shingles are the outermost part of your roofing. They’ll be the first to be damaged in inclement weather. That’s why you need to maintain your shingles properly. If one is lifted, cracked, or worn, make an appointment for Frisco roof shingle repair.

Roofing contractors will be able to repair any damaged shingles quite easily. In fact, you might even be able to complete shingle repair on your own. Here’s what to do when it comes to repairing asphalt roof shingles:

Roofing Materials:Frisco Roof Shingle Repair

  • Work gloves
  • Hammer
  • Flat pry bar
  • Shingle nails
  • Replacement Shingles (must be same size and type)

None of these items are hard to find. You can locate them at a nearby home improvement retailer. While you’re there, you can speak to an expert about the specific roofing nails needed for an asphalt roof. You might need to go to your roofing contractor to get the exact replacement shingles.

Once you have the necessary materials, do the following:

Safely get on top of your roof. Use a ladder, gloves, shoes with strong grip, and bring the tools with you. Identify the troubled shingle(s). You should only do this if you feel like you’re able to get on top of your roof safely. If you don’t feel safe, hire a professional roofer for help.

Shingles are secured by eight nails and a roof cement seal. Therefore, the goal is to remove the nails and seal without damaging any surrounding shingles. Since shingles overlap, damage to more than one is possible during the roof shingle repair process.

Place the pry bar under the edge of the damaged shingle. Push down to force the shingle upward. If the edge comes up, you’ve successfully broken the seal.

***It’s easiest to do this during mild weather. If it’s too hot outside, the seal can be stubborn and make a mess as you try to break through. If it’s too cold outside, shingles become more fragile and can break if too much pressure is forced upon them.

You’ll find one row of nails to be at the center of the shingle and the other four nails at the bottom of the shingle above the one you’re working on. The latter four have been hammered through both shingles. Instead of tugging at them with the hammer claws, you’ll want to push the nails up from the bottom (from the pointed end), which you can do with the pry bar.

Be gentle so that the undamaged shingle doesn’t get torn or any have asphalt granules removed from it. Clawing by the nail heads risks damaging the healthy shingle.

Once the seal is broken and the nails out of the way, proceed to remove the old shingle and replace it with the new one.

Nail the new shingle. Go about a half inch over from the prior nail holes in order to create new, sturdier ones. As long as you have the right nails, each should hammer through the asphalt material relatively easily.

Finally, re-apply the asphalt cement seal. That’s one more item to add to your shopping list if you don’t already have some. You can use the seal sparingly, since it won’t take more than a few drops to fasten the new shingle in place.

Voila! Your damaged shingle is out of the way and a brand-new one is ready for action!Frisco Roof Shingle Repair

If you’re not sure whether or not a shingle’s damage, here’s how you can determine that

On a sunny day, climb onto your roof. Spot a shingle that has the sun shining directly on it. Try to bend one of the corners of the shingle. If the corner breaks off instead of flexing, it’s time for roof shingle repair.

You can also look for discolored shingles. Often, you’ll be able to tell which ones have taken more of a beating than the others. A simple time estimate will hint at the condition of your roof. If it’s been in place for over 20 years, you should probably schedule an estimate with a professional roofing company.

Sometimes you can verify shingle damage without even being on your roof. Hail impacts can wear away the asphalt granules. As they’re detached, they will roll down the roof slant and come to a stop in the gutters. If rain floods the granules out, then you may find them at the base of your downspout.

These are all ways to detect shingle problems. Of course, some are more apparent, like a curled shingle or a discolored shingle in which the plywood is showing through.

Summit Roof Service

If you don’t feel comfortable completing a roof shingle repair on your own, give Summit Roof a call! We’ll have the damaged shingles repaired in no time. We’ll also examine the rest of your roof to see if any additional adjustments are needed. Repairing a shingle on your own saves some money, but it’s important to have an expert roofer take a look at the roof as a whole.

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