If you are a homeowner, you know it is a legal necessity to have home insurance.  However, you may not be aware of the scope of its coverage.  You are not alone if you do not thoroughly understand your home insurance coverage. Many homeowners are like you. You pay for the insurance, so will it cover roof replacement? Most of the home insurance policies cover roof replacement when there is roof damage due to extreme weather conditions.

Home insurance coverage for older roofs

Yes, the insurance companies keep tabs on the age of the roof. Many of them pay you only when your roof is less than 20 years old. They cancel policies for older roofs or roofs that are over 20 years old. And you will also find that some insurers pay a reduced amount for the roof replacement. Before paying, they calculate the roof’s worth based on its age.

Contractors Repairing Roof

Home insurance coverage for damage

Almost all home insurance policies cover roof replacement if the damage is caused by natural elements. They may also cover damage from conditions like hail, heavy rain and wind. They may reduce the amount according to the severity of the damage and age of your roof. However, many insurers have limitations and exclusions. For example, some policies may not cover the metal roof if there has been an event of hail. According to them, the roof is still working and the damage caused is just aesthetic. It is always good to consult your insurance company to know what it covers and whatnot.

Helpful tips for filing a roof replacement claim

Filing a roof replacement insurance claim can be a complicated task. Not only you have to assess the roof damage, you have to also work with the insurance adjustor and roof contractor in Allen, Texas to help you in the filing process. At Summit Roof, we have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. We will help you negotiate with your home insurance service provider to quickly help you with a new roof.

Here we will provide you helpful tips that will help you in filing your roof replacement claim.

Understand the scope of your home insurance thoroughly

You should not leave everything on your insurance company to educate you on what is covered and what is not. Generally, most of the homeowners only read everything mentioned in the policy when something goes wrong. Before you land up buying a coverage, you should read the document thoroughly. If you don’t have a copy of it, ask your agent to provide you one.  There are two types of coverage, one is the roof replacement coverage and the other is roof damage coverage. Roof replacement coverage costs more, but you can claim it bring your roof in a brand new condition when an event covered in your home insurance policy occurs.

Assess the damage

Before you start with the process of filing the claim, take some time to assess the roof damage. The aftermath of extreme weather conditions can make things difficult for you. You will find it tough to inspect the damage yourself. So, let the professional roofing professionals at Summit Roof inspect the roof for you.  We will assess the condition of your roof and suggest to you whether you can apply for the roof replacement claim or not. We will find out whether the damage reasonably justifies an insurance claim or not.

Gather and document information before filing

Before you file the claim, you should take photos of all the roof parts that damage in the event covered in the insurance policy. You can also furnish photos that show how your property looked like before the event that caused damage. Our experienced roofers in Allen TX will be a great help at this point. We can even identify the hidden problems and help you in documenting the amount of roof damage.

Get a written estimate from your roofing contractor

Knowing what you are claiming for is important for getting the right house insurance claim for your roof replacement. Once the inspection is over, you should ask your roofing expert to give you a written detailed estimate showcasing the damage caused to your roof. You should have in written the repair work required and the estimated cost. You can use these details at the time of filing the claim.

Work with your insurance adjuster smartly

We understand it is very difficult to get the right roof replacement claim for a damaged roof in the event of a natural calamity. You will be working with an insurance adjuster and your roofing contractor to make sure things work properly so that the claim is paid. You should work with your insurance adjuster smartly and with patience. Communicate and approach with your adjuster with the facts.

Trust Summit Roof for your roof replacement needs!

Summit Roof is one of the most reliable roofing contractors in Allen, Texas, for your roof replacement needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry with extensive knowledge handling home insurance claims. Get in touch with us if your roof was damaged due to an extreme weather event and you suspect there is a requirement of roof replacement. Our dedicated roofers will inspect the damage and suggest you the right ways to fix the damage. We will also help you in the process of filing roof replacement claim and estimating the repair work along with the cost.

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