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Life is a lot less stressful knowing that your roofing is in good shape. You have enough to worry about as is, so a solid foundation, sturdy home, and a comfortable living space can go a long way in creating a low-stress environment. A strong roof is big part of that equation. If your roof is not up to standards, trust a company that provides Plano residential roofing services.

Hail DamagePlano Residential Roofing Services

You might be able avoid hail damage to your vehicle by parking in the garage, but you can’t do the same for your roofing! Hail will hit your roof, it’s inevitable. It’s just a matter of fixing that damage before it gets worse.

Minimizing hail damage begins with choosing the best roofing material. There are multiple aspects to consider when choosing a roofing material. Cost is usually the most important aspect, but expected lifetime, maintenance, and hail resistance all follow close behind.

As you’d expect, cost, hail resistance and expected lifetime usually go hand-in-hand. The more expensive the material, the more durable it is and the long it will last. This is why slate and metal, two of the most expensive roofing materials, can withstand hailstone impacts well and last for 50-100 years.

The more common asphalt roofing is considerably more affordable, but it won’t last nearly as long and is more vulnerable to hailstones. That being said, roofing manufacturers are producing asphalt shingles in newer forms that can at least slightly improve upon some of the material’s weaknesses.

Just discuss your options with your roofing contractor. He/she will give you the price breakdowns and the pros and cons of the types of shingles offered. They’ll be able to tell you which ones are strongest against hail.

Roof Repair

If the shingles you currently have are damaged, then you should have them repaired by a company that offers Plano residential roofing services. Hail damage is most common type of damage done to Plano, TX roofs; although, wind, heat, cold and moisture can pose threats them as well. Roofing experts will be able to climb onto the roof to inspect for and repair any damage.

Wind damage is usually easy to find, since part of the shingle will be raised from its original position. Areas affected by moisture will be softer than the unaffected areas. Damage caused by extreme temperatures varies depending on the situation.

Damage caused by hail is the among the hardest to spot. Shingles will be dented, but not always discolored. Sometimes the material will wear down and the underlying plywood will be exposed. Usually, though, the dents can be found by just feeling for them.

The gutters are another good place to check for hail damage. When it comes to materials like asphalt, the impacts of hailstones will loosen asphalt beads and these beads will roll down into your gutter.

Whether it’s minor roof damage like a hail dent or major damage like a roof leak, your roofing contractor will have the solution. Rely on the experts at Summit Roof!

Roof Replacement

If the damages are severe and past the point of repair, then a roof replacement will probably be necessary. Your contractor will weigh costs of repairing your roofing vs replacing it and explain which choice is the better option and why. Replacement can cost as little as $4,000 and as much as $30,000, depending which roofing material you decide to use.

Asphalt and wood will be on the lower end of the price spectrum, while metal, clay and slate roofing will be on the higher end. Something extremely unique and rare like a solar roof will cost well beyond the even the higher end of the spectrum.

Added costs, like that of roof removal, can often be avoided. Most shingle types are light enough that they can simply be laid over the old shingles. This shouldn’t be a problem with asphalt shingles, but slate and clay will probably be too heavy.

Proper installation is the most important thing. You need to hire a roofing company with a significant amount of experience and a proven track record for success. Your roof is too important to be placed in the care of a team who lacks experience or isn’t capable of getting the job done properly. Trust an expert in Plano residential roofing services.

Radiant BarrierPlano Residential Roofing Services

Summit Roof can install a radiant barrier as a layer of roofing. Radiant barriers help control heat loss and absorption. They’ll come in handy in areas that see 100° days for a decent portion of the year, like North Texas.

Outdoor temperatures will have less of an influence on the temperature inside your home. Due to this, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems won’t be overworked, and your energy bills will go down.

If you’re interested in a radiant barrier, call Summit Roof. A company that provides Plano residential roofing services can explain radiant barriers in greater detail, including the cost and installation process.

Summit Roof

Summit Roof Services offers everything we mentioned above. We’ve also got over 25 years of experience. From techniques, to methods, to equipment, to customer service… every aspect of roofing services are top notch at Summit Roof. When all is said and done, we promise you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service.

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