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In order to maximize your roof’s lifetime, you have to properly maintain it. It does so much for your home, so it’s essential to keep it in good condition. If you don’t know how to maintain your roofing, you’re in luck! Here are some simple tips for Plano roof maintenance:

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Professional feedback is both helpful and reassuring. For something as important as your roof, it’s a good idea to have it inspected at least once a year. However, this suggestion applies to roofs that have been in place for quite a while. A newer roof that has been in place for under 10 years should be fine.

Even so, you should be vigilant if there has been a string of severe storms. No doubt, Texas weather can give roofs a beating. From extreme heat, to heavy storms, to unusual winter weather, your roof deals with quite a lot in the North Texas area.

A roofing expert can come inspect your roofing and take a close look at each and every shingle, the ventilation, drainage system, and flashing. It’s not only the roof’s lifetime that will be in jeopardy but also your home’s energy efficiency.

Roof inspections aren’t always free, but they’re usually quite reasonably priced. Of course, the cost will depend on which roofing company you choose.

You can be sure of one thing – it’s better to pay for an annual inspection to keep your roof safe than pay for a big and costly repair down the line.

In the worst case scenario, your roofing will be past the point of repair and will need full-on replacement. You can bet that a roof replacement will end up costing quite a bit. Of course, roof replacements are necessary at some point in time, but you don’t want to have to get one within the first 15 years of getting a roof. That’s why Plano roof maintenance is so important.

Keep your gutters clean

Backed up gutters can spell the end for a roof. It’ll block any way for water to drain from your roof, and that water will then get absorbed by the shingles. Things like mold growth, worn shingles and leaks can result from such water absorption. Heavy rains can even cause the roof to collapse in the long run.

There’s a simple prevention for all of this – just keep your gutters clean! Make sure water is able to flow freely through the drainage system. Make sure that there are no holes in your gutters and drainage, and make sure that leaves aren’t gathering.

Keeping your gutters clear and properly functioning is an easy Plano roof maintenance tip to follow. All you need is a ladder to take a look at your gutters!

Trim your trees

Trees can pose a threat to trees in a few ways. First of all, they can prevent a roof from drying up properly. Sunlight won’t be able to reach your roofing and this will leave you to deal with mold growth.

Most roofing types can handle moisture pretty well. That being said, asphalt and wood are the most absorbent of roofing types. Wood requires treatment in order to keep some of that moisture out. It’s essential that both materials avoid long periods of shade after rain.

Secondly, long branches can scratch the roof shingles. Constant strong gusts of wind will cause impacts from tree branches if they’re not properly trimmed. The more impacts a shingle undergoes, the more likely it is to wear down faster.

Lastly, an overgrown tree could become deformed. Additionally, if branches/limbs are too long, they can break off and hit the roof. This could result in damage to your roofing, both minor and major. And the last thing you want is for a whole tree to fall on your home. Needless to say, the damage would be severe.

So, keep the trees on your property trimmed and free of potential harm. A professional tree trimming service will strengthen your trees and help with your roof maintenance – getting two birds with one stone.

Repair missing or broken shinglesRoof Maintenance Plano Tx

Shingles are the main part of a roof. Sure there are layers under it, but it’s the shingles that provide the most protection and it’s the shingles that are made to endure heat, cold, heavy winds, hail, thunderstorms, etc. Therefore, they should always be in perfect condition.

If a roofing expert notices any shingle damage while inspecting your roof, they will repair them. That’s on reason that an annual inspection is recommended. You can climb onto your roof occasionally to inspect the shingles yourself. Damage isn’t always easy to notice, but you can probably pick out the broken or dented shingles.

If you decide to check on your own, make sure to use proper safety measures. Use a ladder to get to your roof and wear shoes that have proper grip. If your roof has a high pitch (is steep), you probably shouldn’t climb up there yourself and should call a Plano roof repair company instead.

In the end, the shingles are an important part of your roofing and you should have them repaired as soon as you notice any damage. This shouldn’t really be a problem within the first 15 years of having your roofing installed. In fact, some materials, like metal and slate, are expected to last more than 50 years!

Don’t neglect your roof. All it takes is a few damaged shingles to lead to more serious roofing problems.

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Summit Roof service offers expert roof inspection, repair and replacement. We also offer many of the top, certified roofing materials available. While we’re based in Plano, we serve much of the North Texas area. We also have a lot of experience – 20 years of it!

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