Roof Replacement Cost

A roof is undoubtedly an indispensable part of a house. Even though most roofing materials are ideally built to last 10 to 20 years over time, your roof will eventually get worn down. Damage to your existing roof or simply a desire to improve the look of your home could be a reason for a roof replacement. An old or damaged roof could cause leaks, which will later lead to other structural damage like mold and rot. Sooner or later, a new roof will be in order.

The process of installing a new roof is a tedious one. You might have heard how the average replacement cost to a roof, and other costs really add up. Although, replacing your roof when required might very well be the best possible way for you to save money.

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As they say, a stitch in time saves nine.

But this doesn’t mean you need to panic about the cost. Even though this can very well be a costly project, but don’t forget that a new roof will provide you protection for many more years to come. Not only that, a durable roof also increases the value of your home.


Breaking Down the Total Replacement Cost

The question most homeowners find themselves asking over and over again is what this blog is all about: How much will it eventually cost me?

While there is no simple answer to that query, there are some basic replacement costs that can help you paint a better picture of how much money you’ll need to have in order to get the job right.

Just like every other home repair, you may find that there’s a difference in cost depending on where you live. Adding to that, the materials you choose can also greatly impact the overall roof replacement cost.


Labor & Materials

If you’re out looking to get your roof replaced, there’s a good chance you’re not actually planning on doing the work yourself. Roofing is something that should be left to professionals like our team at Summit Roof, who know precisely what they are doing, but knowing how labor and materials will likely break down on your total cost can surely help you build a budget.

Honestly, more than half of your total replacement cost for a roof will go towards labor. Since it’s a labor-intensive job and also requires some professional knowledge for them to do the job properly. Cost-cutting on labor might result in an end product that needs repairs sooner than expected.

The rest 40% of the budget goes to materials, but always keep in mind that the percentage may vary if you go on using high-end materials like slate roofing. To give you a better idea, here are some popular choices. They include asphalt shingle roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing, wood shake roofing, and slate roofing.

Prices may vary as mentioned earlier, but the total replacement cost of getting a roof replaced using the materials as mentioned above can start from anywhere around $5,000. It can go all the way up to $60,000, with asphalt shingle roofing being the cheapest and copper being the most expensive.


Changing Roof Type

Most people update the already existing roof with the same materials because it’s a much more practical as-well-as cost-effective choice.

Nevertheless, you can always choose to switch to something different. Primarily if you are mainly focusing on giving your home a new look, or you’re simply planning on switching to a more durable and long-term solution.

Keep in mind that switching from lightweight material to a heavier alternative will end up adding more cost to the budget. This is simply because the structure supporting your roof may also need some reinforcement to help manage the added weight.


Additional Replacement Costs

Until now, the factors discussed earlier should help you better understand how much cost it will take for you to get your roof replaced. However, there are always some additional expenses that you have to keep in mind before dedicating yourself to the project.

You may need to pay to have your previous roof removed first, which is not much but definitely isn’t something to be forgotten. Adding to that, you may also require building permits which are common and cost anywhere around a few hundred dollars, mostly depending on your area.

Roofing underlayment which is a process of adding another water-resistant material to the top of your roof to protect it from damaging might also not be a part of your budget. Although underlayment costs are relatively minimal and may start anywhere from $250. You always have the option to go for a more expensive product which will offer better protection.


Need Professional Help?

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