What to Do If Your Roof Damages by Hail or Wind

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What to Do If Your Roof Gets Damaged by Hail or Wind

If your roof is damaged by hail or wind, there are a few things you can do to help repair the damage and prevent further deterioration. First, make sure that all of the roofing materials are properly secured to the roof frame. This includes using roof flashing and roof vent covers to ensure that water and debris don’t get into the building. Next, clean up any water or debris that has gotten onto the roof. Finally, call a roofing contractor to assess the damage and recommend a repair plan.

Finding hail roof damages can be a challenge to the un-trained eye. While some hail marks are very evident, some may only be very small, but still lead to significant damage to the structure of your home if gone undetected and unrepaired.

Quick repairs are often a waste of money and lead to more invasive damage. Full replacement of your roof is highly recommended to protect the value of your home.


Common Causes for Roof Damages

If you live in an area that experiences hail or wind, it’s important to know the common causes of roof damages. Hail can cause extensive damage to roofs, while wind can blow shingles off, causing water damage. Here are some tips for avoiding roof damages in these situations:

Make sure that your home has a good-quality roof. If you live in an area that consistently experiences hail, wind or snow, it’s important to have a quality roof installed by a professional contractor. It is possible to have a quality roof installed without incurring more damage than necessary if the installer chooses the right type of shingle and installs it properly.

If your home is experiencing severe weather conditions, such as intense wind or hail, make sure that all roofs are insulated with proper insulation materials. Insulation allows air to enter your attic and also helps keep water out while protecting your home from structural damage caused by ice dams and other forms of structural damage.

When you prepare for heavy rain season, make sure that all gutters are free of clogs. If the gutters are clogged, water can accumulate on your roof and cause roof damages. When it rains heavily, this can result in leaking roofs and even leaks that enter your living space. It is important to get all of the leaves off of the gutter prior to rain season so that water cannot collect in any way.

Your roof should be inspected at least once per year to make sure that there are no signs of degradation or rot.


Roof Repair or Replacement?

If your roof is damaged by hail or wind, there are a few things can be done to repair the damage. First, determine the extent of the damage. If the roof is only partially damaged, you may be able to fix the issue with a repair.

Once you know the extent of the damage, you will need to determine what needs to be repaired. Depending on how severe the damage is, you may need to replace part of the roof, repairs may only require painting or fixing broken tiles. Once you know what needs to be done, begin preparations by gathering all necessary materials and supplies.

If the roof is completely damaged, Summit Roof Services, Inc can help! From helping you select the right material for your roof, to working with your insurance company, we are there every step of the way to make replacing your roof as stress-free as possible and leaving you with the peace of mind that comes with a new roof and knowing your property and belongings are protected.


Tips for Replacement Roofs

If you live in an area that experiences hail or wind, you may need to replace your roof. Here are some tips for replacing a roof:

  1. Talk to your insurance company. They will need proof of damage before they will pay for the replacement.
  2. Look for a reputable contractor. Make sure the contractor has experience replacing roofs and has a license and insurance.
  3. Get estimates from several contractors. You will want to find one that is fair and affordable.
  4. Get a home insurance policy that includes roof replacement coverage. This will help cover the cost of repairs if something goes wrong while the roof is being replaced.
  5. Make sure you have contacted Summit Roof Service to handle your situation!


Have Hail Roof Damages? Call Summit Roof Services!

If you have hail roof damages, don’t wait! Summit Roof Services can help you get your roof back in shape as soon as possible. We will represent you, the policy holder, to the insurance company to ensure you get all money deserved to cover collateral damage, including:

  • Gutters
  • Window screens
  • A/C condensers
  • Fencing
  • Garage doors
  • Siding and Paint

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