Roof Maintenance Tips

Protect your protector! We all like nice things, right? So, don’t jeopardize your nice things by allowing your roof to leak or cave in. Roofs do a phenomenal job of protecting a home, but they can’t maintain forever. Every roof will eventually meet is expiration date; however, with your help, your roof might just last longer than the manufacturer tells you it will. Please take advantage of these seven roof maintenance tips to maximize your roof’s lifetime:


Inspect your roof each spring and/or fall

Roof Maintenance TipsThe spring and fall months are most ideal for roof inspection. Yes, they can bring with them some heavy rain, but weather is not nearly as extreme in these months as in the summer and winter. Use a nice spring day to climb atop your roof to look everything over. Better yet, schedule an annual inspection with a professional roofing company. An inspection should cost very little and it will give you the satisfaction of having an expert examine a vital part of your Allen, TX home.


Check for and remove debris from shingles and gutters

Throughout the year and especially after a big storm, check your roof for stranded debris. This consists of tree branches and twigs, dirt, and algae and moss growth. Check around the chimney, within the valleys and within the gutters. Tree branches and twigs are simple to remove; you just have to toss them off the roof. Though, dirt, algae and moss require more effort. Power washing is dangerous as it could disrupt granules from shingles. Thus, it could take away from a shingle’s integrity. Good old-fashioned bleach, water and a scrub brush should do the trick. It will take some effort, but it will do the trick.


Reseal flashing if necessary

Check the connectors between the shingles and the chimney, skylights, and valleys. If you see any gaps or flaws then it would be wise to seal or reseal the area. Worst case scenario, water can seep through and leak into your home. Lack of sealing or improper sealing can also allow unwanted hot or cold air to reach your living space.


Make sure your attic is properly ventilated

Speaking of keeping outside temperatures out, attic ventilation is the next of roof maintenance tips. A layer of insulation needs to exist between the roof and the attic to prevent the influence of outside temperatures. Next, the concern is air flow. Make sure your attic vents are free from obstruction (again, twigs and branches). Any signs of dampness or deterioration can be resolved by installing a ventilation fan. But keep in mind, a fan will be pointless if the attic is not adequately sealed.


Check your home’s drainage system

Drainage is extremely important to preventing water build up throughout your roof shingles. The reason roofs are pitched, or slanted, in the way that they are is to create a downstream towards the gutters and away from the home. Drainage should always be controlled by a well-constructed system. To ensure good drainage, make sure your gutters are properly attacked and are free from holes and obstructions. Also, make sure there are no damaged shingles that are preventing water flow towards the gutters. Lastly, your lawn should be slightly slanted to where water is not building up once reaching your lawn.


Repair any damaged shingles

Any and all damaged shingles need to be repaired. Oversight towards damaged shingles will only come back to haunt you over time. If not repaired, they will continue to corrode or crack. The more damaged shingles the closer you will be to needing a costly roof replacement. Some repairs can be done on your own, though, professional roofers are of course the most reliable option.


Trim your trees

The final one of the seven roof maintenance tips recommends you keep your trees trimmed. Trimmed trees make your yard look nicer. They also limit debris and prevent algae and moss growth. Algae and moss are attracted by the shade and will only make their homes in shaded areas. So, the best way to eliminate each is by taking away their shade.

These roof maintenance tips may seem like a lot of work, but they’re not really. It boils down to a scheduled yearly inspection along with some basic lawn care and general roof maintenance. Ultimately, all it takes is a handful of days out of the year to keep your roof strong and lasting.

For a roof inspection, call Summit Roof Service Inc. at (972) 715-1655 or visit our website— We’ve been in the roofing business for a long time now and we promise great service and an accurate assessment. We’ll inspect, repair, or replace…whatever is needed to keep you and your Allen, TX home protected.

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