Roof Repair Allen TX

Roof Repair Allen TX

Allen TX roofs don’t get free passes. Storms threaten roofs almost year-round, and the extremes of hot and cold weather are formidable threats as well. A weak shingle or a weak section of flashing will only get weaker as the next storm comes along, and the next storm after that. Before you know it, your roof will have forgone the repair stage and streamlined itself to full-on replacement. That’s why roof repair Allen TX will always come in handy.

Protect against hail damage

Roof Repair Allen TxAlmost exclusively, the reason for a roof repair stems from hail damage. Hail especially makes its mark on asphalt shingle roofs, which happen to be the most common type of roof in North Texas. The best way to protect your home’s cover from hail is to have it inspected once a year.

Newer roofs may not require an inspection, but roofs that are 10+ years old do. In addition, a noticeably bad storm season may warrant an inspection. For instance, a summer filled with five major hail storms should get your attention. You would be wise to contact a roofing company to have the professionals assess your roof for damage. They’ll execute the roof repair Allen TX, if necessary.

How to tell if your roof has been damaged by hail

The obvious way is to examine the metal parts. Check the flashing around the chimney for dents. You can also check the gutters and objects within your lot, such as the air conditioning unit and mailbox. These things may not reveal damage directly to your roof; however, they will enlighten you to how powerful the hail storm was.

Before you take a look at your shingles, check inside the gutters for little beads, or debris. These would come from the shingles. If you see any debris in the gutters, you’ll know at least one shingle had worn as a result of the storm.

After that, lookover your roof to see which shingles are damaged. If you see any worn shingles or if you feel an imbalance throughout a shingle, take a piece of chalk and circle the troubled spot. Marking each area of damage will make a contractor’s job just a little easier when he/she comes to inspect your roof.

What can the heat do to your roof?

Pay close attention to this one…

Allen TX is scorching for five months of the year (May-September), maybe even six or seven months. Heat can make your life miserable; it can negatively affect your car, your lawn and your roof.

Of that list, your roof may be the most important, as it protects the inside of your home. A damaged roof can result in leaks and poor ventilation.

You may have a real burden on your hands if a hole or crack expands. A leak will likely begin in areas of your home that you don’t visit often, such as your attic. Therefore, you might not notice it until extensive damage has already been done. If your attic floods, the surface could rot and weaken, and the floor could cave in.

Regarding ventilation, outside heat will sliver through the smallest of cracks, causing your home’s temperature control to go completely out of whack. Suddenly, your home is warmer, which forces your AC unit to work harder, which effects your energy bills and effects the lifetime of your air conditioner.

Heat can damage a roof in numerous ways:

  • Shingles will expand, resulting in cracks and curling
  • Indoor temperatures will increase
  • Roof decking (bottom layer, typically made of plywood) will warp if not properly protected by overlapping layers
  • The roof will lose its color

Types of shingles best for reflecting heat:

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Concrete

What can moisture do to your roof?

Heat may cause the hole in your roof, but water is what falls through the hole. Leaks are the obvious damage forced by water. Having your roof regularly inspected and maintaining the condition of your roof is all that is needed to avoid leaks.

You must also be cautious of your roof taking on too much moisture. Excessive periods of heavy rain combined with poor drainage can significantly damage a roof. Thus, it’s very important that your gutter be clear of any sort of clutter or backup. Leaves are the most likely object to form a clutter.

You also want to ensure there are no holes in your gutters. Holes may result from hail or general deterioration. A drainage system is designed with a purpose: to direct all water to specific areas of your lot. Those areas are typically sloped to create a downward stream of water away from your lot. If water is falling from unintended parts of the gutter, it will surely puddle up on your lawn. You could then be facing a foundation problem in addition to a roof problem.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that wood shingles are most vulnerable to moisture. Wood absorbs water. For this reason, it can rot if the moisture does not dry quickly enough. It will attract moss and algae as well.

Wood shingles demand the most attention in comparison to other types of shingles. It needs to be treated on a regular basis, and the treatment might require more frequency throughout an overly wet spring or if parts of your roof are commonly covered by shade. If the damage has already been done, rely on expert roof repair Allen TX.

What can the cold do to your roof?

Roof Repair Allen TxCold temperatures do not affect the integrity of your roof as much as they do the installation of your roof. It’s widely known among professional roofers that installing shingles in temperatures below 40° is a risk. Why? Because shingles will harden and become more fragile. This increases the likelihood of the shingles cracking.

The range of 70°-80° is ideal for roof installation. Installing in hotter conditions is more manageable than installing in colder conditions. Shingles need heat in order to adapt to the surface. Without heat, the job is immensely more challenging. That is why you rarely see roofers atop roofs during the winter season, even in more mild winters like North Texas is accustom to.

In summary, you do not want to risk your roof being weak from the get-go by relying on winter installation. Give yourself a break, and give roofers a break by waiting until spring or fall.

Aside from installation, the cold will be of little threat to a roof. Asphalt will stand up just fine against cold temperatures.

What to look for in a roofing contractor

Of course, you want your roof repair Allen TX to be completed by a quality contractor. It’s always a good idea to rely on the same contractor for repairs as you did for installation. That is, if the installer did a nice job. Plus, the installer’s work should be backed by warranty.

Cover your bases with a roofing company that is licensed and insured. A licensed company will have proof of qualification. It will give you confirmation that the staff is fully-trained and capable of handling your roof with care and effectiveness.

Insurance protects you. It protects your home, your roof, and it releases you from any liability if a roofer gets injured on the job. Hopefully insurance doesn’t factor into your roof repair or replacement; however, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, make sure the contractor works on your specific type of roof. There are contractors that work exclusively on one type of roof and there are those who work on all types. Every contractor should be able to work on asphalt roofs; though, the same will not be true for slate, wood shake, or clay roofs.

Just be sure to confirm that important bit of information on the front end. It’s never a bad idea to ask for proof of work either. If you own a concrete roof, have the contractor show you work samples of concrete roofs his business has worked on in the past. He/she may even give you a location of one of their projects (if allowed by the homeowner).

Summit Roof Service Inc.

For roof repair Allen TX, rely on Summit Roof. We’re experts in repairing hail damage, water damage, and heat damage. We work on all types of roofs and we have a long list of products that can be installed to maintain and enhance your roof.

Give us a call for a free estimate! We’ll lookover your roof inch-by-inch and provide our honest explanation and honest recommendation for fixing your roof. Once the price is determined and we obtain your approval, we’ll get to work!

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