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It’s very important for a roof to be kept in good condition. Neglecting to do so can lead to some serious issues, such as poor ventilation and leaking. Not to mention, fixing those issues will cost quite a bit. Whether your roof actually needs repair or just preventative maintenance, you’ll likely need the help of a Plano roof service company.

Maintaining a quality roof

You might think the condition of your roofing is fine, but that might not be the case at all. Even if you’ve inspected the roof on your own, it’s not always find damaged roofing or areas of potential damage.

That’s why it’s suggested to have your roof inspected by a Plano roof service company at least once a year. Inspections don’t cost much, and are well worth the price. You’ll either get confirmation that your roof is in good condition or you’ll be made aware of necessary repairs to help keep it in good shape.

The experts at Summit Roof will complete a thorough inspection. We’ll inspect every inch of the roof, along with the flashing, siding and drainage system. Even if everything looks good, we’ll give you advice on how to make sure your roof stays in good condition.

There is nothing like a professional inspection. Our pros will tell you everything you need to know about your roof’s condition.

Repairing a damaged roofRoof Service Company Plano

If your roof needs repair, we’ll give you an honest estimate and schedule a time and date for repair.

Damage starts with the shingles — the top layer of a roof. Hail damage is the most common type of damage done to shingles. Excessive, or particularly large hailstones can beat down a shingle to the point of weakening the surface or breaking a hole through the surface. Needless to say, a hole in the roof can lead to all sorts of serious problems.

Also, high winds can loosen shingles and excessive moisture can cause mold/algae growth. Repair costs will add up if you don’t take action to fix the damage.

Having repaired hundreds of roofs, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to complete a proper repair. We’ve seen it all, so we’ve repaired it all! Rely on Summit Roof to repair your roofing.

Replacing a heavily damaged roof

Sometimes, damage is too severe and past the point of repair, so it must be replaced. The good news is that most new roofing can simply be placed on top of the old roof. This is depends on whether the structure can support the weight of the new roofing material.

A material like clay tile is quite heavy, so the old roof would have to be removed first. But a lighter material like asphalt shingles can be layered with no worries.

Roof installation is no easy task. It takes patience and attention to detail. Any small mistake can lead to future damage or reduce the roof’s lifetime. Certain aspects can also make installation more difficult. A roof with a high pitch (one that is more steep) or inclement weather conditions, for example.

Good roofing contractors are always prepaed. The necessary safety measures will be taken and the proper practices will be put into action to have a perfect outcome.

If you’re considering having a new shingle type installed, check out our products page. We offer the best materials from the best manufacturers.

Restoring a historical building

This doesn’t really apply to homes, but it’s a special service that Summit Roof offers. There are historical buildings all across the DFW metroplex. Since they’re historical, certain structural qualities may be lacking.

If you or your company owns or oversees a historical building with damaged roofing, give us a call! We’ll help bring it back to life for many years to come. If you’d like to see some examples of our previous work, we encourage you to visit our “Historical Restoration” page.

You’ll be shown our process and see examples of historical buildings we’ve worked on in the past. We handle every project with great care!

Summit Roof Service

For a reliable Plano roof service company, call Summit Roof! We are over 20 years in the roofing industry.  We truly enjoy working with Plano, TX homeowners and business owners, and we take great pride in restoring anf repalacing every customer’s roof.

To learn more about our company, please visit You’ll also find all kinds of helpful roofing input when you check out our blog.

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