Roofing Contractors Allen

Roofing Contractors Allen

A roofing contractor will come in handy at some point. Every roof has a shelf life, and for the most common materials, that shelf life is 25-35 years. Of course, unwelcoming weather has the power to lessen a roof’s life. If your roof is due for a checkup, rely on a roofing contractors Allen.


roof contractors AllenOften, your roof is damaged, but you just don’t know it. We don’t blame you, it’s touch know whether something is damaged if you never see it. That’s why we recommend scheduling an annual inspection with a roofing company. It may not be necessary for a relatively young roof (0-10 years), but you’ll definitely want an inspection for a roof that is in its mid-life or late-life.

Don’t worry, the cost is reasonable. And it’s well worth the satisfaction of knowing your home’s protector is in good shape. Furthermore, if damage is to be found, you’ll be glad you had us come out. A roofing contractors Allen will have the equipment to repair the damage!

An inspection can catch minimal issues with a roof before they turn into major issues. One can often be the difference between a simple repair and an entire roof replacement, which is also the difference between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars.

Roof Repair

Repairs are often done to the roof shingles. If damage is to take place, the shingles will be the first to be affected as the top layer of the roof.

The most common shingle damage, and roof damage in general, stems from hail. Hail varies in size, velocity and volume. The angle at which a hail stone strikes also dictates the level of harm. North Texas homes see plenty of hail damage in a given year. However, homeowners are rarely aware.

If your home has been part of a particularly gruesome storm season, give Summit Roof a call. We know all the signs of hail damage and we have all the fixes. No matter what type of shingle your roof is made up of, we can repair it!

You can count on a roofing contractor Allen TX for leak repair, mold removal, and drainage adjustments. Also, repairing any damage to flashing or siding. We want to help your roof operate like it’s supposed to and protect you and your loved ones like it’s supposed to.

Roof Replacement

We can replace your roof if it has taken on too much damage, or if it’s just too old. The process takes a solid day’s work, but we’ll have it done timely and successfully.

There’s a good chance we can install the new roof on top of the old roof. This is possible as long as the shingle new shingle type is not too heavy. Materials like slate and clay are typically the heaviest.

You can opt for the same roof materials or you take advantage of the many our company offers. We sell materials from many of the top roofing manufacturers in the country. Brands like GAF, Heritage, Atlas and Owens Corning are each part of our repertoire. You’ll have your choice of various shingles types and colors.

We’re a roofing contractors Allen that provides not only services, but also products. You will have all your bases covered if relying on us for roof assistance. Our staff has excelled through extensive training and each member has plenty of practice repairing and replacing roofs.

Radiant Barrier Install

Radiant barriers are materials that are installed in building to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss. They aim to make a homes more energy efficient and to make them more comfortable on days of extreme heat or extreme cold.

The perks of a radiant barrier are ideal for Allen, TX homeowners. The way most homeowners crank up the AC in the summer, many roofs and households could use a radiant barrier. Your air conditioning unit and heating unit won’t have to work as hard; thus, you want have to pay as much on energy bills.

Summit Roof Service

Over 25 years in business, Summit Roof understands roofing as well as any business out there. We take pride in our work and we take pride in customer care. If your roof needs an inspection, a repair, or a replacement, give us a call! The same applies if you’re wanting a radiant barrier installed before the summer heat arrives.

We are at your service!

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