Top 5 Roofing Shingles in Murphy TX

You won’t have to make the investment often, but assuring your home of legitimate protection is an absolute must. Having reliable roofing shingles overhead will keep you safe, your family safe and your home safe. The difficult part is deciding what type of roof is most worthy of carrying out your protection. You’ll have to consider usual weather patterns, your budget, and the amount of time you expect to spend in your current home.

For Murphy, TX homeowners, we recommend one of the following five options for roofing shingles:


Roofing ShinglesAsphalt roofing shingles may not be unique, but there’s a reason so many U.S. homes rely on them for protection. First off, asphalt shingles are on the less expensive end of the roofing cost spectrum. This does not mean they are low quality, just lower quality than some of the more advanced roofing options on the market. You would be getting a material that should stand strong for 20-30 years.

Asphalt can be installed in a variety of colors. Your roof might not stand out as a design element; however, it will without a doubt blend well with the rest of your house. In addition, asphalt shingles offer great wind protection, leak prevention and fire prevention. They can also endure heavy impacts and frequent small impacts such as ones caused by hail stones.

With asphalt shingles, you certainly receive outstanding value for the amount of money you spend..



Slate roofing shingles are opposite asphalt shingles in regard to price, design, and durability. You will pay at least three times the amount for slate that you would pay for asphalt. With that said, slate roofs are expected to last for 100 years or more. Asphalt offers design flexibility, but not nearly to the extent of slate. You can purchase slate in all kinds of colors and patterns. If you want your roof to truly stand out as a design element then slate is the optimal selection.

In terms of function, slate is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and sustainable. The roof type practically goes unphased and that’s why it has such a long-expected lifespan.

As a note of caution; however, slate is very heavy. Therefore, you need to get confirmation from a professional roofing company that your structure can handle the material’s weight. If confirmed, be sure you rely on the professionals to complete installation. Slate roof installation is NOT a DIY project.


Wood Shakes

This shingle type has a unique appeal. Wood is not necessarily a common roofing material, so they can be quite visually appealing and refreshing when seen atop a home. You can expect a lifespan between 30 and 40 years. Wood shake shingles have a Class A fire rating (which is best) and insulation capabilities that are twice that of asphalt shingles. They’ll keep your home nice and cozy at all times of the year.

You do have to be somewhat cautious with wood shake roofing shingles. Reason being, wood is naturally vulnerable to moisture. The shingles will be able to handle your typical Murphy, TX rain; however, they’ll need adequate time to dry in order to prevent mold and mildew build up. That is why this type of shingle is ideal for roofs that are not constantly covered by shade.



Metal roofing may not be traditional for homes, but it’s certainly growing in popularity. You can purchase an aluminum roof, copper, steel, zinc…you name it. Copper will be the most expensive of metal materials. Metal shingles can be pricey, less than slate but more than wood shingles and clay tiles. Though, you would be getting a solid roof that can handle practically any disruption that comes its way.

The material carries a Class A fire rating, reflects sunlight which keeps your home cool and keeps your energy costs down, and it is very much eco-friendly. A metal roof is expected to last 50-75 years and homeowners can expect at least a 30-year warranty.

The only real downside regarding metal is it can be loud. If the proper number of supports are not installed, the sound of rain and hail will be noticeable and likely annoying.



Last, but certainly not least, solar roofs are beginning to make way in the roofing market. We won’t sugarcoat the fact that solar shingles will cost a fortune, but if you have the healthy budget to support the purchase, you will certainly reap many great benefits.

Above all, solar roofs produce 100% of a home’s electricity. They are expected to single-handedly power a home for at least 30 years, saving you a ton of money on energy costs. Solar shingles will come with a lifetime warranty. They also look very nice atop a home. Your roof will look sleek and it will definitely catch the attention of people who are walking by or driving by.

Be patient. Since they are still the next big thing and because of their obvious benefits, there is a long waiting list for solar roofing shingles. It may be a while until you actually have your new roof in place. In fact, CNBC wrote an article about Tesla Roof’s rather minimal production.


Summit Roof

These five options for roofing shingles are very reliable in terms of function. We tried our best to give you a selection that covers a range of budgets and a range of roofing priorities.

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