Residential Roofing Services Allen TX

Residential Roofing Services Allen TX

Life just seems simpler when your home is in good shape. There is enough to worry about away from home, so a solid foundation, a reliable structure, and a comfortable living space can go a long way in creating a low-stress environment. A strong roof is major part of the equation. If your roof is not up to par, rely on residential roofing services Allen TX.

Hail Damage

Residential Roofing Services Allen TxYou may be able to avoid hail damage to your car by keeping it in the garage; however, a roof doesn’t have a garage. Hail will hit your roof. It’s just a matter of minimizing the harm and fixing the harm before it becomes too much.

Minimizing hail damage starts with choosing the ideal roofing material. Numerous factors should be taken into account when choosing a material. Price is generally the most prominent factor, though life expectancy, maintenance, and hail-resistance are not too far behind on the decision making ladder.

As you’d imagine, price, hail resistance and life expectancy typically go hand in hand. The more you pay, the more durable the roof material, the long the material will last. That’s why slate and metal, two of the more expensive materials, handle hail impacts well and stand strong for 50-100 years.

The common asphalt roof is far more affordable, but it won’t last nearly as long and will be vulnerable to hail. That said, roofing manufacturers are producing asphalt shingles in hybrid form that at least slightly improve upon some of the material’s weaknesses.

Just weigh your options with your roofing contractor. He/she will give you the price breakdowns and the pros and cons of whichever shingle types offered. The contractor will know which ones are strongest against hail.

Roof Repair

If your current shingles are damaged, then they need to be repaired through residential roofing services Allen TX. Hail damage is most common to Allen, TX roofs; however, wind, heat, cold and moisture can be threatening as well. Roofers will get atop the roof to assess the cause and extent.

Wind damage is usually easy to figure, as part of the shingle rill be raised from its original position. Areas affected by moisture will be softer than the unaffected areas. Damage caused by extreme temperatures varies depending on the situation.

Damage by hail is the trickiest to spot. Shingles will be dented, but no always discolored. Sometimes the material will wear through and the plywood beneath will be revealed. Most of the time though, the dents will be discovered by feel.

The gutters are a good place to check for hail damage. For a material such as asphalt, hail impacts will loosen the granules and the granules may roll down and come to a halt in the gutter.  

Minor damage such as a hail dent or major damage such as a roof leak, your roofing contractor will have the solution. Trust in the expert services of Summit Roof!

Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing Services Allen TxIf the damages are severe, then a roof replacement will likely be the necessary solution. Your contractor will weigh the replace vs. repair costs and advice of the wiser financial decision. Replacement can cost as low as $4,000 and as high as $30,000 depending on the material you choose.

Asphalt and wood will be on the lower end, while metal, clay and slate will be on the higher end. Something especially unique like a solar roof will cost well beyond the high point.

A cost such as roof removal can often be avoided. Many shingle types are light enough to where they can be laid over the old shingles. This should not be a problem for asphalt, though slate and clay will likely be too heavy.

A sturdy installation is what’s most important. You need to hire a roofing company with notable experience and a proven track record of success. Your roof is far too vital to be placed in the care of a crew that is incapable or uncertain. Trust in expert residential roofing services Allen TX.

Radiant Barrier

Summit Roof can install a radiant barrier as a roof layer. Radiant barriers control heat gain and heat loss. One will come in handy in an area that sees 100° days throughout a quarter of the year.

Outside temperatures will have less of an influence on indoor temps. As a result, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems will not be overworked, and your energy bills will lower.

If you are interested, let us know. Residential roofing services Allen TX company will explain radiant barriers in more details, including pricing and the installation process.

Summit Roof

Summit Roof Services offers all the above. We’ll bring our 25+ years of experience with us. Techniques, practices, equipment, customer service… every aspect of the roof servicing process is top notch at Summit. You’ll be satisfied with the experience from beginning to end, we promise.

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