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Roof Hail Damage Repair

Various things can cause damage to your roof out of nowhere, such as falling branches, strong winds, tornadoes, etc. One of such common and depressing problems that the weather can cause is hail storms. Many people do not realize that a homeowner’s insurance should cover hail claims to repair any damage and cover the cost required to fix your roofing system.

The Best And No.1 Roof Hail Damage Repair-Summit Roof Service IncHail is a powerful force of nature, especially in Grapevine, TX. But do you have any idea that even a small hail storm can end up damaging your roofing system in a subtle yet significant way? All these subtle signs of hail storm damage like broken shingle granules on your property or in your gutters, broken corners of your roofing tiles, or even cracked shingles are easy to miss.

That is, unless your roof damage escalates over time, which can result in an extensive roof repair or even an urgent need to get your roof replaced.

Many experts believe that hailstones any more extensive than three centimeters can wreak significant damage to your roofing system.

Large hailstones accelerated by high-speed winds are known to damage weak and old roofing systems. Moreover, if hailstones are jagged and have rough edges, they could be even more powerful and dangerous on impact.

Even if your roof has multi-layered shingles, you are still vulnerable to any penetration caused by smaller-sized hailstones since these hailstones often hit the soft support area present under your top layer of shingles. Most homeowners ask us if a pea-sized hail can damage your roofing system.

Whether you believe it or not, even the smallest size hail impact could trigger a significant roof leak or other severe problems that can compromise the long-term safety and value of your roofing system.

How to identify hailstorm damage on your roof?

Hailstorm damage is something that cannot be prevented easily. Just one hailstorm that has hail of a decent size is more than enough to cause significant damage to your property.

A roof that has been damaged by hail could have various problems, from simple small cuts and concavities on its shingles to a huge puncher on your roof itself. This is why it is crucial to assess and repair all roof damage types as soon as possible if you wish to avoid any further property damage.

Even a single severe storm may cause some initial damage to your roofing system, but if not repaired in time, you may have to deal with flood damage, water damage, or even excessive buildup of water behind shingles and walls.

Nevertheless, if there are hailstorms in your neighborhood, how can you identify if it has already damaged your roof?


Age and condition of your roof

Your roof’s total age and current condition play a critical role in identifying what degree of damage can be caused by a hail storm.

A roof that has been neglected for some time, has recently sustained any other type of damage, or has become weaker because of its age, attracts a much higher possibility of hail damage than a newer and well-maintained roof.

Wind damage

The intensity, direction, and speed of the wind during a hail storm can also adversely affect the hail’s severity and, ultimately, damage to your roof. High winds can do a lot of damage by influencing the overall velocity and angle of impact.

Hail Damage On Shingle

Physical barriers

The presence of any physical barriers such as tree cover, landscaping, or any neighboring structures such as fences and adjacent buildings can help shield your home’s roof from a direct impact.

What are a few subtle and major signs of hail damage on your roof?

When we talk about the aftermath of a hailstorm, it is crucial for you, as a homeowner, to walk around your property and investigate for any damage resulting from hailstones or wind.

It would be best if you are thorough with your hailstone damage roof inspection process.

Noticing any minor hail damage now can help you save a huge headache later. Remember, any issues that go undetected can worsen and may cost you even more to get them fixed as time passes.

This is why it would be best if you hired a professional roofing expert from Summit Roof to get your roof inspected.

Even if you notice a few granules knocked off from your roof, the overall integrity of your roof shingles may have been compromised, which can result in a future water leak.

Hail damage on roof chimneys, skylights, and vents

First and foremost, you need to check for any dents, dings, or chipped surfaces on your roof’s vents. Roof vents are mostly made up of lightweight plastic or metal.

Cracks in a plastic vent or dents in your metal vent are some of the most common telltale signs that your roof has been hit heavily by hail.

The next step is to inspect your metal flashings around your roof chimney. You need to examine your metal chimney covers and look for any dents. You can try and run chalk sideways over the surface of your chimney to help you locate all the impact points.

Finally, if your home has a skylight on the roof, you need to check for any broken or cracked glass.

Damaged gutters

Even your roof’s gutters can suffer a lot of damage from hail. Steel gutters are known best to survive even the strongest of hailstorms with minimal damage, while seamless gutters that have a copper or aluminum construction may show you signs of denting or dimpling on their surface. Gutters that are made out of vinyl may also have a few cracks and puncture marks.

If your roof has a gutter screen or a gutter leaf guard, you need to check for any deformation or tears on your metal or plastic. Finding any shingle granules inside your gutters is also a well-known sign of hail damage to your roof.

How can you determine the severity of a hailstorm?

It can be difficult for an average homeowner to determine how much damage can hail cause to your roofing system. Usually, when the hail falls on the surface of your roof, it can cause harm to the grain surface by loosening and making it prone to any future damage like a leak.

This can result in shortening your roof’s life, but you need to understand that holes in your roofing system do not usually appear immediately.

All the damage caused by a hail storm may also not be visible until later, but you should be able to realize that there is some damage if your home’s roof needs to be reinstalled earlier than it should have.

If you think that a recent hail storm has caused severe damage to your roofing system, you need to call for an expert from Summit Roof to get your property checked out. It makes more sense for you to contact a roofing expert like us specializing in damage claims caused by hail before you contact an insurance company.

Whether or not your damage is covered will depend entirely on your policy and how your roofing professional explains to the insurance adjuster what your damage is.

Checking your undamaged roof before spring showers.

Identifying any hail damage can be a simple process if you take into account the right reference. One of the easiest and most effective ways you can identify any new roof damage is to know all the damage that already exists on your roofing system.

If, for example, an owner knows that his home’s roof is in excellent condition, and a hailstorm hits, then there is a good frame of reference that will help you determine all the specific damage that was caused by hail. Nevertheless, if your roof has already been damaged, recognizing any future damage may require a little more effort.

You don’t have to assess your roof damage by yourself.

Before you start planning on climbing up your roof and assessing for damage, you need to be certain. Since roof examination requires you to climb on a ladder and walk on your roof, we do not advise you to handle something like this all by yourself, especially if you are not comfortable with heights or have any other concerns regarding ladders or roofs.

It would be best if you hired a professional from Summit Roof to get your roof inspected for any hail damage. Our experts have more than enough experience required to assess your roof or any damage while being safe.

If you prefer not to use your life insurance policy or have to make some adjustments to your retirement planning because of a severe injury, you should contact a professional to be safe.

It can be difficult for an average homeowner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to spot all the damages caused by a hailstorm. Most of the time, a hail damaged roof will show signs of damage on your vents from exhaust fans and chimney covers. You can also notice hail damage on your material surrounding your attic exit.

Hailstorm damage is a pretty common concern amongst homeowners living in Grapevine, and you need to have your damage assist in a quick time frame. A damaged roof can quickly turn from a small household problem into a massive renovation project if not handled on time.

It would be best if you always were careful when selecting a professional roofing service provider. After a major hailstorm, you can find various roofing contractors who visit every home in the area and offer free roofing inspections. As a homeowner, you should never choose a roofer if you are unsure about their credibility or experience.

Why should you hire a roofing professional from Summit Roof for hail damage?

1. Security and safety

Safety is crucial when it comes to any roof repairing project. If you do not possess enough security and safety equipment, you can end up hurting yourself in the process.

You are also at risk of falling and injuring yourself. Professional roofing companies like Summit Roof are well equipped and have all the required tools and precautions in an accident.

2. Save money

Please use the specialized skills of our roof repair contractors. Not only do we have all the required knowledge and tools for the job, but we can also get you roofing materials at a relatively lower cost.

If you plan on doing some independent technical work, like this one, you may end up facing problems, and your overall cost may get out of control.

3. Access to high-quality materials

Here at Summit Roof, we know the best roofing materials that ensure reliability. If an average homeowner chooses to get materials for their home, their choices are usually limited to the available variety in the stores.  Professional roofers like Summit Roof, on the other hand, have established relationships with sellers and suppliers, which allows us to gain access to high-quality materials, often at a discount price.

4. Performance guarantee

All our professionals at Summit Roof provide you with a performance guarantee. If you have any problems related to your roofing project, our contractor will repair it until it is fully repaired. Remember, a good contractor will always give you a guarantee on their work.

5. Saves time

It would help if you never risked starting a roof repairing project by yourself, considering that you have a tight schedule. If you cannot finish the entire job, it can result in your roof having incomplete portions and can also expose your house to various elements.

Performing a one-person job requires a lot more time and effort than employing a team of professionals from Summit Roof. We have an experienced staff who will ensure that they complete their work within the agreed time frame.

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